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Southwark’s green charities call for help

Lindsay Burns – www.southlondon-today.co.uk

June 4, 2010

A CALL for help has been issued by green charities who have been given a huge donation from the world’s most famous flower show.

The Royal Horticultural Society is handing out leftover plants from the Chelsea Flower Show.

The donation also includes plants from The Eden Project in Cornwall.

Growing Southwark and the London Recycling Network have been receiving the flowers, plants and trees.

But it needs truck drivers to help shift more plants and equipment across London and to give them out to residents.

Nicole Barton, from Growing Southwark, said:

“There’s enough plants to cover the borough.

“We desperately need lorry drivers to help transport them. It’s wonderful that the Horticultural Society is donating these plants.

“Southwark is a borough in need – it’s about taking from where there is plenty and giving where there is not so much.”

Growing Southwark, set up in 2008, promotes community gardening.

It is already storing tonnes of the donated plants in a Peckham warehouse.

Charities, schools, nursing homes, residents’ groups and community organisations can apply for the plants.

Groups with the least cash will be given first choice, and the plants can be used to brighten up indoor space or community plots.

Nicole said she was grateful for the help Growing Southwark had received from Peckham Rye Park manager Margaret Johnson.

He said: “It’s exciting because the plants are good quality and many of them are well developed.

“So they’ll be producing fruit, vegetables and flowers very quickly, rather than waiting ages for a seed to grow.”

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