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Vertical Farming: The Future of Hydroponics and How it Affects You!

Vertical Farming what the heck is that? Well believe it or not it isn’t that far fetched!

You are in for a treat with the Vertical Farm founder himself! Dr. Dickson Despommier Ph.D. was born in New Orleans and grew up in California before moving to the New York area, where he now lives and works on some very impressive projects. Dickson was trained as a microbiologist and he has always been interested in the environment. At present, he is engaged in a project whose mission is to produce significant amounts of food crops in tall buildings situated in densely populated urban centers.  This initiative has grown in acceptance over the last few years to the point of stimulating planners and developers around the world to incorporate them into their vision for the future city. It is highly likely that some form of the vertical farm will soon become part of the skyline of the built environment.

In this interview you will learn:

  • How farming and hydroponic growing will be changing forever!
  • Benefits of indoor farming
  • and much more!

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