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The TEAM Bringing You HydroponicAccess:

Who are we and why did we start this web site project?

This is one of the many questions that we have been receiving from everyone so we want to give you the full background on each one of us so that you can understand who we are.

Jim Yager, Ph.D. – Fresno, CA

–Co-Founder HydroponicAccess.com

Jim was born into a farming family in western Kansas. His great grandfather, his grandfather, and his father were farmers with his great grandfather being a Homesteader. In his early years up through high school he lived on the farm and along with 4-H he learned all the traditional arts of farming. Once in college, his training took him into learning the sciences of farming, being the first in his family to graduate from college with a B.S. in Agronomy from Kansas State University. From there, he went directly to Michigan State University doing graduate work in forage research in the Crop Science Dept. completing an M.S. degree before he went into the U.S. Army. As a 1st Lieutenant, he went to Viet Nam; and it was this tour of duty he got first hand experience in seeing what the art and hard work of farming was like for his fore fathers. Returning from Viet Nam, he was driven to learn more of the science of farming, returning to Kansas State University to complete a Ph.D. in Agronomy and a minor in Plant Biochemistry with the study of wheat physiology and the assimilation of proteins into wheat kernels during maturity and senescence.

He went directly from graduate school to work for E. I. DuPont Chemical Company, working with agri-chemicals doing product development, sales, marketing, research, and research management for 22 yrs. His innovative, inventive, and creative approaches to systematically solving applied, technical, operational, and organizational challenges in Florida, Delaware, and California lead him to start his own company, Impact Marketing Enterprises, Inc., after taking early retirement from DuPont. For the last 14 yrs in his new company, he has integrated 30 yrs of experience with new digital and GPS based technologies to solve agricultural production problems that have been hidden and building with 70 yrs of traditional farming practices. He has found that all of these problems have been directly related to soil textural properties, chemistry, and water.

He recently co-founded Strategic Farming, Inc., to develop information and knowledge products that integrate his observations and experiences with the applied and basic science disciplines that will contribute to a strategic approach to farming that improves yields, eliminates ineffective inputs, and prevents harm to our environment.

He believes for us to meet the needs of global food production we will need to make positive changes in how we farm but because land is becoming a limiting factor we will also need to employ the use of other crop production capabilities such as hydroponics which uses soilless media, offers more control with fewer variables, and produces far greater yields of crops in smaller spaces than traditional field farming practices. It will take the combination of both field production and hydroponic production to supply the future food needs of the world.

Matt Angell – Madera, Ca

– Co-Founder HydroponicAccess.com

Matt Angell is an entrepreneur dedicated to the promotion and use of smart, sustainable agricultural practices. A staunch conservationist with 20 years of experience as an agricultural business owner and well-known innovator, he is one of the original founders of PureSense and continues to serve a valuable role as a member of the company’s board of directors.

Matt is a third generation California grower, and continues to farm wine grapes in Madera, Calif. His interest is plant and water relationships and ability to drive plant performance. This model was developed after consulting and helping successful growers in the western U.S. states to become more profitable. It was this observation of “best practices” that laid the groundwork for PureSense which is a “real time web based” crop management and decision support service.

Today, Matt is a widely regarded as one of the leading minds active in the areas of applied and emergent irrigation technology. In addition to being the co-founder of PureSense, he is the co-owner of Western Irrigation.

Matt earned a bachelor’s degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He continues to emphasize good stewardship and strong resource management throughout the businesses he is affiliated with, supporting the ideal that sustainable processes and “real time” principles are the cornerstones of success.

A.J. Yager – Long Beach, Ca

– Co-Founder HydroponicAccess.com

A.J. hit the entrepreneurial scene at age 10 and has been starting business ever since! Over the last 18 years he has founded several companies mainly in the technology, marketing and publishing fields. and was voted one of the Top young entrepreneurs in the nation since the age of 19 by youngbiz magazine and was in the Business Week “Top 25 under 25” young Entrepreneurs in America.

Currently living in Long Beach California at the age of 28. A.J. has a dynamic passion for helping people become successful in life and in business. He has authored 4 books; one of which was a best-seller on Amazon.com.

He started “AJ’s Odd Job Service” around his home neighborhood charging $6 an hour to do miscellaneous jobs for his neighbors (mowing lawns, washing windows, weeding, etc.).

His second venture was a small door-to-door fruit and vegetable selling service that he and his younger brother and sister provided to friends and neighbors.

At the age of 13 he became very interested in computers and decided to build his own computer system from scratch. Shortly thereafter he started a small computer business at the age of fourteen. He has three certifications in computer repair/troubleshooting, programming, and consulting.

In 2004 A.J. saw the need for a full-color glossy lifestyle magazine for the great city of Long beach. With his publishing and marketing background he and two partners founded Long Beach Magazine.

He served as the publisher for 3 years and then after raising capital for the company became Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director. The magazine grew from a free publication with a hand-full of advertisers within 24 pages to a beautiful 84 page subscription and newsstand sold publication reaching over 100,000 readers per month in LB and the surrounding communities serving numerous local and national advertisers.

Today AJ runs his own marketing/publishing company, is a featured speaker around the nation on business start-ups and Entrepreneurship, consults with mostly internet and information marketing companies, and is a co-founder of Strategic Farming, Inc. a unique business improving the processes of soil-based farming and hydroponic growing!

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